The potato harvest campaign has been successfully completed in Lower Saxony. We were able to record a few impressions of the most beautiful time of the year for you.

NDS-Agrar GbR, Asendorf

Innovation with a capital I

Jannik Beneke (centre) and his partner Jan Niebuhr (left) founded their contracting company in 2019. Driven by their passion for potato cultivation, they have chosen ROPA Keiler 2 as they were looking for a convenient and highly innovative potato harvester. Already in the following year, another ROPA harvester came along. Since then, they have been out and about with their two Keilers in almost every corner of Lower Saxony. "From Bremerv├Ârde to Osnabr├╝ck, we harvest potatoes at every possible location," says Beneke.

Practical experience from Emsland

"There are no challenges we can't overcome with our harvesters," says Jannik Beneke, head of operations at NDS-Agrar (centre).

NDS-Agrar, a contractor from Asendorf near Diepholz, has already been using the Keiler 2 since 2019.

Clever design offers a lot of possibilities

Jannik Beneke, a trained agricultural machinery mechanic, and Jan Niebuhr, a farmer, were particularly enthusiastic about the Keiler technical design: "ROPA machines are simply more sophisticated technically and the accessibility to individual components is really hard to beat." The contractors also pointed out the fully hydraulic drive, which enables stepless adjustment of the individual separation units.They also find very useful the function which allows to save and recall different harvesting programs, especially for different locations and purposes of potato cultivation. Another major plus is the "nice big tyres" for particularly wet fields. "They really make a lot of things possible. I haven't got stuck yet with the Keiler," reports Beneke with satisfaction.

Two Keilers speak for themselves

"We were convinced after the first year, so we immediately bought the second one. In the past years, the Keiler has impressed us every time compared to other manufacturers in terms of efficiency and separation performance".
According to Jannik Beneke, there were no challenges for NDS-Agrar from Asendorf that they would not overcome with the ROPA Keiler 2. "Looking back, we would choose the ROPA Keiler again at any time," sums up Jannik Beneke.

Machine demonstration by CLAAS Weser Ems and Fritz Bremer e.K.

Keiler 2 could also be followed during work in the Emsland region of Lower Saxony. CLAAS Weser Ems and Bremer Landmaschinen presented their 4-pintle machines, which impressed particularly in terms of cleaning and efficiency.

PALANDT AgrarTec GmbH, Uelzen

PALANDT AgrarTec GmbH performed several demonstrations with its Keiler 2 Classic Silver Edition in Uelzen and surrounding areas. It harvested table, seed and industry potatoes for both organic and conventional cultivation.

The Keiler 2 Classic was fully convincing on the particularly light, but also varying terrain. Thanks to its two pintle belts, the Keiler demonstrated the highest possible level of product protection while still offering thorough cleaning. In many places, especially on organic farms, an extremely low amount of lost potatoes caused a lot of positive feedback.

Impressions from Wendland

Potato harvest with the Schultz family in Jabel