ROPA Keiler 2 DoubleSelect

Increased separation efficiency under cloddy and stony harvesting conditions

ROPA is expanding its product portfolio with the Keiler 2 DoubleSelect to increase separation performance on cloddy and stony soils. This potato harvester has an additional triple UFK on pintle belt 2 with a separate trash track and an adjustable sorting platform next to pintle belt 3.

This additional UFK module can be adjusted in height and angle, while the speed of two-row unit and one-row unit of the additional UFK module can also be adjusted separately. Early separation of clods and stones in the crop flow significantly reduces damage to the potatoes later on, thus ensuring that the potatoes are harvested even more gently. Each UFK can also be optionally equipped with revolving brushes (UBK).

The Keiler 2 DoubleSelect delivers a convincing result due to its significantly increased mechanical separation performance, especially on soils with high amounts of clods and stones, which increases the harvesting speed and reduces the number of personnel required.

Ridge firming rollers for ROPA KS haulm topper

Reconsolidated ridge and sealed dry cracks

On the occasion of the Weuthen Potato Day, ROPA will also present its optional ridge firming rollers for the ROPA KS haulm toppers. Thus, ROPA expands its equipment portfolio by adding a new option to the time-tested trailing press wheels.

Dry cracks

Before reconsolidation

After reconsolidation

Reconsolidated ridge

The main functions of the ridge firming rollers are that cracks in the ridge top are closed and the ridge is slightly reconsolidated, preventing potatoes from greening once the leaves are removed. Furthermore, the ridge rollers rest on the flanks, which means that the contact pressure does not act selectively, but is distributed more evenly over the ridge contour. Furthermore, the flanks of the ridge are supported by the ridge rollers. Thus the loose soil is prevented from trickling down and no cracks are formed on the ridge flank. 
In general, this new option helps to maintain the ridge structure and ensures high quality of the harvested crop.