The ROPA DLC for Farming Simulator 17 has been eagerly awaited by many people. ROPA has met the demand for the latest and most innovative technology and has now presented the latest models. The ROPA DLC for Farming Simulator 17 now includes the Tiger 6 with RR-XL 9x45, the Maus 5, the NawaRo Maus 5 and the Keiler 2 potato harvester.

We don't need to add any more here, fans already know what it's all about.

The three following videos speak for themselves.


ROPA DLC trailer for Farming Simulator 17

Action in the field with all ROPA machines in operation. All functions are shown and animated in detail.

Direct comparison between animation and the real world

Experience the excitement of animation. For comparison we show you actual videos of field operation intercut with scenes from Farming Simulator 17.

Tutorial for the ROPA DLC

This tutorial with commentary in English tells you more about the functions and options of the ROPA machines in Farming Simulator 17.

Farming Simulator 17

If you are interested, you can download the ROPA DLC at the following link.

Farming Simulator 17 ROPA DLC download