The sugar beet cultivation association Adelhofen-Neuherberg GbR organised an information day on Sunday, 19 September to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the harvesting community. On this occasion, the 10th ROPA beet harvester was handed over to the cultivation association, which in turn is the 2,000th three-axle beet harvester from ROPA. These three milestones provided an occasion for a small celebration on the field.

Dieter Förster Board Member

The board member Dieter Förster welcomed numerous guests and thanked the team of drivers with the head of operations and the second board member Hermann Gebhardt for their commitment. He also praised ROPA's technology, the friendly relationship with the ROPA team and the perfect service provided by Kabus. He then reported on the experiences of the thirty-year history.

Dr. Eberhard Krayl Managing Director of ROPA

ROPA Managing Director Dr. Eberhard Krayl spoke about the long-standing partnership and the friendly relationship and shared technical achievements. Happy customers, reliable and durable machines and constant improvements are both an encouragement and a motivation for the ROPA team.

Michael Gruber Head of Sugar Beet Technology Branch of ROPA

From the two-axle machine with engine behind the cab to the fully networked ROPA Tiger 6S - Michael Gruber looked back at the ROPA's technical developments over the last three decades.

Board of Directors with driver team ZAG Adelhofen-Neuherberg, Dr. Ziegler from the Association of Franconian Sugar Beet Farmers and ROPA representatives

History of ZAG Adelhofen-Neuherberg GbR

The various milestones from Hermann Gebhardt's fondly written chronicle are presented below

As the newspaper article from 1995 shows that even then the machine handover was celebrated with over 10,000 visitors in Simmershofen-Adelhofen.


We would like to thank ZAG Abelhofen-Neuherberg GbR for the exceptional cooperation over the past decades and wish them all the best for the future with their tenth three-axle beet harvester from our company.