ROPA Open House in Sittelsdorf, on Sunday, November 6

50 years of Hermann Paintner harvesting technology - 10 years of ROPA potato technology

The traditional ROPA Open House in Sittelsdorf will take place again this year on Sunday, November 6. And this time it is arranged to coincide with the 50th anniversary of Hermann Paintner's first self-propelled sugar beet harvester. Visitors can expect a comprehensive program consisting of potato and sugar beet harvesting demonstrations, agricultural technology exhibition and festival hall with an entertaining program for children. Even the first sugar beet harvester built in 1972, operated by Hermann Paintner, will be in operation.

Sonderveröffentlichung zur Hausvorführung

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Schedule and timetable:

10 a.m.

• Agricultural technology exhibition

• Festival hall

• Events for children


10 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

• Potato harvesting demonstration

  Wiesenweg 2, 84085 Langquaid - Niederleierndorf

  GPS 48°49'14.1"N 12°04'51.0"E // GPS 48.820575, 12.080836


• Sugar beet harvesting demonstration

  Sittelsdorf 24, 84097 Herrngiersdorf


1:30 p.m.

• Demonstrations of technology and innovations

  on the beet field at the plant, in Sittelsdorf


2 p.m.

• harvesting show

  complete fleet of sugar beet machinery on one field

Morning potato harvest and starch potato loading with the potato loader on a site protected from bad weather

ROPA is now known as a premium manufacturer of the trailed potato harvesters. This is primarily due to unique technical features such as the fully hydraulic drive in combination with durable and maintenance-friendly mechanical construction properties. 
The demonstration of the trailed single and double-row potato harvesters will take place on a potato field owned by farmer Thomas Bauer, 8 km away from the ROPA plant, near the outdoor swimming pool in Niederleierndorf. The freshly harvested potatoes will be loaded onto trucks by the potato loader Kartoffelmaus. Representatives of the Südstärke will be on site too.

Potato harvesting demonstration 10 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
Wiesenweg 2, 84085 Langquaid - Niederleierndorf
GPS 48°49'14.1"N 12°04'51.0"E // GPS 48.820575, 12.080836

Sugar beet harvesting with Panther 2S, Tiger 6S and sugar beet loading with the Maus 6 directly at the plant
Starting at 10 a.m., various self-propelled harvesters, including the world's most powerful sugar beet harvesters, the Tiger 6S and the Panther 2S, will be harvesting sugar beet on two fields located around the ROPA plant in Sittelsdorf. The sugar beets will be loaded immediately after harvest by the new ROPA Maus 6 to be shredded and ensilaged at the pilot and test biogas plant. 

Demonstrations of technology and innovations - at 1:30 p.m. on the sugar beet field - harvesting show
Beginning at 1:30 p.m., ROPA will be presenting its complete product range. First, the management says a few words on the current development of the company and new construction, then Michael Gruber and Dr. Rupert Geischeder present the technical highlights and latest innovations in the sugar beet and potato technology sector.
Visitors will be able to take spectacular pictures and videos during the harvesting show performed by the entire fleet of sugar beet machines. 

Comprehensive supporting programme with agricultural technology exhibition and festival hall

The extensive agricultural technology exhibition offers an interesting supporting programme. Many companies will be presenting their products, including tractors; harvesting technology; potato storage technology from Bjilsma Hercules; grassland, forestry, manure technology; telescopic loaders, information stands from seed growing companies, biogas equipment suppliers, service manufacturers, service providers and much, much more.

In addition to the demonstration, the event will be held under the banner of ROPA's "togetherness". In the heated plant halls of the new assembly centre with a spacious catering area, visitors can take time to discuss ideas. For their physical well-being, visitors will be served hearty delicacies, barbecue beef, as well as coffee and cake by the farmers. A varied entertainment programme for children with numerous attractions as well as pedal car and tractor courses will keep the young farmers entertained.

12 ha of parking areas on the plant premises - information regarding Covid-19 rules on the ROPA website

Due to the extensive expansion of the company, 12 hectares of paved parking spaces are available to visitors directly on the plant premises in Sittelsdorf. Regular updates, especially regarding the Covid 19 situation and legal provisions, can be found on the ROPA website