The market leader ROPA presents the new Maus 6 loader

With a significantly larger cabin and a premium-class networked workplace

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ROPA presents the new Panther 2S

Probably the sportiest high-power beet harvester.Greatly improved efficiency paired with digital networking in the world's most powerful two-axle sugar-beet harvester from the international market leader

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Video instructions for the ROPA Tiger 6S

In this video, Ole Thielmann gives a brief overview of the basic functions and diverse setting options of the ROPA Tiger 6S. It provides an additional support in the upcoming campaign.Operation at the terminal with interactive buttons is even more intuitive and uses the same logic as tablets and sma...

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Video instructions ROPA Keiler 2 – technology, terminals and details

In this video, we give you a brief overview of the layout and many different settings of the ROPA Keiler 2.

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ROPA Potato Loader (Kartoffelmaus 5) – Loading of Starch Potato

The potato loader Kartoffelmaus 5 has been designed by ROPA on the basis of the sugar beet loader Maus 5. For the first time the prototype of the potato loader was presented on the last Agritechnica. Since summer 2020 two potato loaders have been in operation at two companies: the Südstärke in Sünch...

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ROPA haulm topper KS 475

ROPA expands its product range with a 4-row haulm topper designed to prepare the crop for harvesting.

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Learn to drive the Maus with Ole - explanatory video for the ROPA Maus 5

In advance of the sugar beet campaign, we would like to provide you with this video tool. We wish you a successful start to the 2020 sugar beet campaign and great pleasure when driving the ROPA Maus!

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Successful growth of ROPA potato harvesting branch

The Keilers are out there - the early potato harvesting is in full swing and more and more ROPA potato harvesters can be seen in the fields

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Agritechnica - two silver medals for ROPA

This year Agritechnica 2019 successfully closed on November 16 and attracted 450,000 visitors, more than 130,000 of them from abroad, and 2,820 exhibitors. The whole week was dedicated to the challenges and future questions of the industry.ROPA is presenting the company's premium products and the la...

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Video ROPA Tiger 6S - partially automatic lifter attachment guide

Automatic defoliator height and ground-contour sensors for partially automatic guiding of the lifter attachment on the new ROPA Tiger 6S. For better harvest quality combined with significantly easier operation

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30th anniversary of ZAG Adelhofen-Neuherberg GbR with the handover of the 2,000th ROPA three-axle beet harvester

The sugar beet cultivation association Adelhofen-Neuherberg GbR organised an information day on Sunday, 19 September to celebrate the 30th anniversary...

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ROPA expands partner network for potato technology

Partner network for potato technology in North Rhine-Westphalia with the RWZ and Landtechnik Pechtheyden support points. Cooperation of two strong par...

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Learn to drive the Maus with Ole - video instructions for the ROPA euro-Maus 4

In this video, Ole Thielmann of ROPA customer service will explain the operation and function of the ROPA euro-Maus 4

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