Keine ROPA Hausvorführung im Jahr 2020 – Produktion verläuft planmäßig

Unsicherheit zur Durchführung von Großveranstaltungen lässt keine vernünftige Organisation zu

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Agritechnica 2019 - two silver medals for ROPA

This year Agritechnica 2019 successfully closed on November 16 and attracted 450,000 visitors, more than 130,000 of them from abroad, and 2,820 exhibitors. The whole week was dedicated to the challenges and future questions of the industry.ROPA is presenting the company's premium products and the la...

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Video ROPA Tiger 6S - partially automatic lifter attachment guide

Automatic defoliator height and ground-contour sensors for partially automatic guiding of the lifter attachment on the new ROPA Tiger 6S. For better harvest quality combined with significantly easier operation

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Agritechnica innovation medal for ROPA R-Connect monitor

Intelligent and fully automatic image documentation during the harvest integrated into the R-Connect portal for networked farm and logistics management.

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Agritechnica innovation medal for the potato crusher in the ROPA Keiler 2 potato harvester

This is the new sustainable, herbicide-free and resource-saving process for preventing potato residues from sprouting in the successor crop.

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ROPA presents the new Tiger 6S

Greatly improved efficiency paired with digital networking in the most powerful sugar-beet lifter worldwide from the leader in the market. A new generation of extremely high-performance computers forms the telematics centre with predictive analytics, online diagnostics and partially autonomous sugar...

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ROPA is a winner in the Automotive Brand Contest

ROPA won an award in the field of connectivity and commercial vehicles in the Automotive Brand Contest at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt (IAA). The international jury cited ROPA as a pioneer and driver of innovation in vehicle design and particularly in agricultural technology.

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ROPA takes aim at growth in the potato market – the new ROPA Keiler Classic is at the starting block

ROPA expands its range of two-row potato harvesters with the Keiler II Classic, which will be in series production for the 2020 harvest. After several years of field testing, pilot models are already in operation in parts of Europe for the 2019 season.

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R-Soil Protect – patentiertes hydraulisches Fahrwerk im ROPA Tiger 6S

Das mehrfach ausgezeichnete hydraulische Fahrwerksystem R- Soil Protect mit Hangausgleich und Wankstabilisierung wurde im Tiger 6S nochmals weiterentw...

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R-Connect online service

At Agritechnica in Hanover, ROPA demonstrated the new Tiger 6S, which is networked with the R-Connect portal via the telematics module installed as st...

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Videos of ROPA Keiler 2 and R-Connect

Preview of Agritechnica 2019 with the premieres of the ROPA Keiler 2 Classic and the possibilities of the ROPA R-Connect online portal

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