60 ROPA machines successfully operate in the USA

Werner Hofbauer from ROPA Customer Service shows how to operate an euro-Tiger

Upon customers’ requests, the company ROPA has further developed defoliator of sugar beet leaves

Impressive campaign start with a highly motivated team!

Reports about ROPA in three well-known US farmer magazines

A supplement to the training and manual

Remote-controlled ROPA euro-Tiger V8-4 XL with transportation cart

The first Maus client has got this year the first in Austria euro-Panther

A new service center of ROPA in Ukraine is completed

Euro-Tiger V8-4 XL harvests not far from San Francisco

On Saturday, 29.06.13, the courtyard party was held by APH Hinsdorf in Quellendorf.

Borgeby Field Days in Sweden! The major Field Days in Scandinavia and meeting place of the North European agriculture!

ROPA supports the fund raising campaign of the German Farmers' Association


New ROPA DVD with 13 videos is already available in Fan-shop. Awesome examples of sugar beet harvesting around the world

One more awesome video of LEGO euro-Tiger V8 XL from Allan Clausen