The ambassador of sugar beet comes from Donauwoerth

Roundabout with the vehicle of 22.80 m length and a 9 x 45 cm lifter in the trailer

The new 2-axle harvester of ROPA was introduced at the fair Novi Sad by the profiagrar

It took three years of near but lovely work for Allan Clausen from Denmark to build a remote-controlled Tiger from Lego bricks...

By irrigation the yield amounts to 60- 100 tons per ha, with sugar content of 19 -22%

Some impressions from the China province Xinjinang, where at the same time 13 ROPA euro-Tiger come into action

Contractor Henningsen remade euro-Tiger from 1998....

26 year old son of a farmer from Lower Bavaria designed and constructed a 6-row harvester...

Some more interesting photos, which were sent to our Facebook Photo -Contest.

Take a look at the pics, sent to this year Facebook Photo-Contest. More photos are coming soon...

Hermann Paintner reported about his experience in Russia and Ukraine

Impressions of the 2012 Ropa Open House. Next Open House scheduled for 2014.

Spectacular records of the new ROPA 2-axle harvester


Impressions of the most  important agricultural fair in France


In the family-run company ROPA Dr. Geischeder is responsible for technical equipment for potato harvesting