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Edenhall präsentiert erstmals ROPA Technik.


Tag der offenen Türe mit Technikvorstellung


Tag der offenen Tür in Novi Sad

ROPA machines are used at all continents now

Swedish traditional enterprise is a full-liner of high-quality sugar beet machines

Ropa stand was a magnet for visitors at the Sima in Paris


ROPA Open House video overview - next date planed for 2016

The Profi has performed a practical trial of potato harvester

Two-phases concept for variable wide beet clamps and paved underground

The ROPA Maus 5 in practical use

Contractor Besentahl in Gerdau

Machine construction in perfection

The new superior class.

About 15,000 of international quests

Live in action at the ROPA Open House on Sunday, Novermber 23, 2014

Keiler 1 and Keiler 2 with fully hydraulic drives

Tiger 5 premiere

A new flagship with spectacular chassis

The Bavarian family-run machine construction company ROPA presents at the leading exhibition in the potato technic area

Open House 2014